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5 of the Best Looking Ecommerce Websites in 2013

Category : Web Design · by Feb 21st, 2013

A great looking ecommerce website will not only engage your users and strengthen your brand but it also helps convert more of your traffic into sales leads and goals. If your thinking of selling your products online then you need to think seriously about investing all available time and money you have into create a great online user experience on your website as it will pay off in the long run with sales and profits. The best way to start is by looking at other ecommerce websites in the market and they don’t necessarily have to be in the same industry as you can take valuable ideas and tips from any online store.

Here’s a a review of some of the Best Looking Ecommerce Websites in 2013

We will start off with Carphone Warehouse. Carphone Warehouse is a UK Mobile Phone supplier who supply contracted and Pay as You Go mobile phone deals. They are one of the leaders in this market and its easy to see why when you take a look at their website. It is a super converting machine! Not only is it super easy to navigate around their website and select and compare the various contracts and deals available but there are big bold offers on the phones they really want to push and sell. Its worth taking a look if your thinking about selling similar products or contracted type products.

Next up is Gieves & Hawkes. These guys have over 200 years experience in creating bespoke garments and their website just boasts class and style. There garments and clothing range is not cheap by any means and there websites portrays this with the kinds of buyers they want. Its worth thinking about who are your target market. Who are the people and consumers who will buy your products and then consider how your website should look based on this fact.

The Body Shop are a UK retailer with over 900 natural beauty products to choose from. They specialise in natural skin care and you can tell this as soon as you take one look at their website. Again based on the products they sell baring in mind they are natural skin products they have decided to go with greens as their main colour scheme. Green colours are referred to as eco friendly environmental colours so this is a clever choice on their behalf and suits their site and products well.

Next up is Go Outdoors. Go Outdoors are the UK’s biggest outdoor products and clothing website. For any of your outdoor needs such as tents, climbing gear and water proof clothing, you will get it all here. Again these guys have a super easy navigational structure to get to each department on there website. Note how all of these ecommerce websites so far have all had there navigation menu at the top! I love the way Go Outdoors make use of having a background image on their website as apposed to just a plain colour. This is a very nice touch and helps make your website stand out from the crowd.

Last but not least is USC an online clothing store selling designer and branded clothing products. Now although this may not be one of the most visually attracting websites because of there use off plain dull theme colours I believe there is a reason for this. The theory behind it is that if they keep there website design in lower duller colours then this shows off the colours of there products much better. It means the products stand out tempted you to buy them and indirectly making them look far more appealing. This is a very good design point to consider when designing your website.

So, I hope you took as many tips and ideas from these designs as I did. When thinking about ecommerce website design consider points such as your target audience, your layout and how your site should display the types of products you sell. The most important thing is to build a site that not only looks visually engaging and shows of your brand but one that also convert customers and traffic into goals, sales and leads for your business!



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